Optimizing Valuable Space & Revenues
Brighton Parking Systems can save up to 60% of the space required by conventional parking lots, creating huge savings in land acquisition.  As less land is allocated to parking, more space may also be utilized for higher profit centers, such as additional retail space, hotel rooms, show rooms, additional condos, etc.  In implementing Brighton Parking Systems into their projects, developers and municipalities alike, will greatly benefit from the increased vehicle capacity in less space.  This will allow them to reach previously impossible municipal regulations for required parking spaces at their sites.   
Superior Safety & Security
One of the greatest concerns in parking is SECURITY!  With Brighton Parking Systems, our clients and their vehicles experience a much higher level of protection from vandalism, theft, other crime, and accidents that typically occur in other parking garages. This is accomplished by having no public access to where cars are parked inside the system. Criminals cannot hide in dark corners of the parking lot waiting to assault the unwary car owner.  No more car theft or fender benders, scrapes or dents, because the parking system does not permit people to enter where the cars are stored.
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Lower Cost & Maintenance
With construction times and costs up to 50% less than that of conventional parking garages, Brighton Parking Systems offer tremendous savings to owners.  Because of the simplicity of design, maintenance fees are kept at a minimum.  Because of the redundancy built into the system, when maintenance is needed, the unaffected areas of the system do not experience downtimes.     
Customer Friendly & Convenient
Our parking system is user-friendly because it is entirely automated.  Just leave the car correctly parked in the stall.  Next, take your ticket, swipe your card, (or whatever delivery and extraction technology is chosen by the owner), and the customer leaves their car to be safely placed within the system! Pick up is just as easy.  The BPS system saves users time as they do not have to drive around looking for an open space, nor do they have to wait in long spiraling lines to exit the structure. This makes the parking experience more enjoyable.  The parking system is computerized and can be tailored to meet the owner’s needs.  Some owners will like to have an attendant present, but not necessary if desired.
Environmentally Friendly
Because vehicles are not running inside the system, dangerous emissions are cut dramatically inside Brighton Parking Systems.  The BPS structure is constructed to protect the environment.  Our engineers are LEED certified and noise, car emissions and pollutions are all reduced.
Modular Construction
Each parking stall is uniform allowing the owner to plan for future development and short installation. The design team at Brighton Parking Systems will maximize the use of space of a project, allowing for drastic increases in the number of parking spaces, and efficiencies in the project’s parking plan.    
“The Next Evolution in Parking”
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What We Do

Brighton Parking Systems (BPS) offer significant Space and Cost Saving alternatives, providing up to 60% space savings and up to 50% cost savings over conventional parking facilities.  With these savings combined with our revolutionized and unique parking technology and incredible benefits, why would you look anywhere else for your parking needs?  

Brighton Parking Systems can be the solution to parking problems throughout the world.  

The global parking market for car stacking systems is at an adolescent stage, yet rapidly evolving as operators seek efficiencies. While other automated parking systems exist, most emerging competitors to date use hydraulic, pneumatic, or complex systems to park vehicles .

These other systems lack the simple sophistication of BRIGHTON PARKING SYSTEMS. Our system offers an innovative parking solution that maximizes use of precious space. It is safe, secure, customer friendly, modular, environmentally friendly, time efficient, cost effective, of quality construction, and with lower maintenance costs.

Brighton Parking Systems, can be the solution to your parking problems.

Superior Safety Optimizing Space Lower Cost Customer Friendly Environmently Friendly Custom Design